Bruno® Stair Lifts - Professionals Guide

Bruno® Stair Lifts Professionals Guide

Bruno is a manufacturer of high-quality, purpose-built stair lifts designed to assist people with limited mobility glide up and down their stairs in comfort and safety.

A Bruno stairlift is often the most practical and economical option to assist clients who have difficulty getting up and down their stairs. While moving to a bungalow or first floor flat, reconfiguring sleeping/living space to the main floor or installing a through-floor lift are common considerations - these choices are often impractical and costly.

Discover how a Bruno stair lifts can help deliver improved mobility and peace of mind for clients with any type of home, staircase or budget.

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Bruno Stair Lift | Models

Bruno Elan stairlift at the bottom of a carpeted staircase

Elite (Heavy-Duty Models)

  • 30st. (190 kg) lift capacity

  • Indoor or outdoor applications

  • Straight or curved units

  • Ideal for bariatric clients

  • Adjustable seat/footrest height & space between armrests

Elan (Entry-Level Model)

  • 21st. (136 kg) lift capacity

  • Indoor straight staircase applications

  • Maximum open space on steps by installing closer to wall than any stairlift on the market.

  • Popular choice for most basic, straight indoor staircases, if client less than 21st (136 kg)

Bruno Stair Lift | User Requirements

Here are a few Bruno stair lift user requirements:

  • Bend knees to travel in seated position.

  • Sit safely during transit (all Bruno stairlifts include a seat belt)

  • Push a paddle control, located on either armrest, to operate stairlift.

  • Get on and off the stairlift at the top and bottom of stairs independently or with minimum assistance.

  • Pull up a lever on side of seat to swivel chair up to 90° at top landing to exit away from stairs (optional power swivel also available)

Bruno Stair Lift | Option Considerations

Challenge: Back issues or trouble leaning over

Solution: Power Folding Footrest

When a Bruno stairlift is not in use, the arms, seat and footrest may be manually folded. An optional power footrest will automatically raise or lower the footrest when the seat is folded, eliminating the need to lean over. Available on all Bruno indoor stairlifts.

Bruno Elite curved indoor stairlift with seat and arms folded up

Challenge: Larger Body Size

Solution: Larger Seat Pad

Bruno Elite indoor stairlifts, with a 30st (190kg) lift capacity, are often used for bariatric patients. To further enhance comfort, an optional wider seat is available on Elite indoor stairlifts.

Challenge: Limited hand/finger dexterity

Solution: Power swivel seat

To swivel the stairlift seat to exit safely away from the top-landing stairs, a client pushes down on a large level, located on either side of the chair. Rather than pushing the level to manually turn the seat, an optional power swivel seat turns the seat automatically with the push of an armrest paddle control. Available on all Bruno indoor stairlifts.

Challenge: Bottom of stairlift rail causes obstruction

Solution: Manual or power folding rail

When there is a doorway at the bottom of the stairs or a situation where the end of the stairlift rail will cause a tripping hazard or obstruction, add an optional folding rail to allow the bottom portion of the rail to retract and stack upon itself. Manual or power option is available on Bruno straight indoor stairlifts.

Bruno Stair Lift  | FAQ

Does Bruno Offer Indoor Bariatric Stairlifts?

Bruno’s Elite indoor stairlifts feature a 30st. (190 kg) lift capacity and are available for straight and curved staircases. With their mix of heavy-duty engineering and adjustable seating, Bruno Elite indoor stairlifts are ideal for bariatric users.

Does Bruno Make Outdoor Bariatric Stairlifts?

Both straight and curved Bruno Elite outdoor stairlifts offer purpose-driven design with a 30st (190kg) weight capacity and weather-resistant materials. Bruno Elite outdoor stairlifts deliver high-performance reliability and are performance tested from -15° C to 52° C.

Is A Bruno Stairlift Seat Adjustable?

A Bruno Elite stairlift features an adjustable seat and footrest height, and adjustable width between the armrests, to fit varying body types. There is also an optional larger seat that increases the size from 457 mm x 381 mm to 572 mm x 419 mm.

What Option(s) Should be Considered If a Stairlift User with Back Issues?

When a stairlift is not in use, often the arms, seat and footrest are folded to save space. People with back or balance issues can find it challenging to lean over to fold the footrest. With a Bruno power footrest option, the footrest will automatically flip up when the seat is folded, eliminating the need to lean over.

What are Stairlift Configuration Considerations

A straight stairlift is used on a straight staircase and a curved stairlift is recommended for any staircase with turns. While it may be tempting to save costs and put a straight stairlift on only a portion of a curved staircase, it is not recommended. A stairlift rail should cover the entire length of the stairs to ensure a person can travel on the stairlift from the top to bottom of the staircase. This also protects the user in their future if his/her condition deteriorates.

Will a Bruno Stairlift Work in a Power Outage?

A Bruno Elan straight stair lift uses two 12v batteries that are integrated into the chairlift and continuously charge anywhere the chair is located along the rail. Even in a power outage, most people can take over 10 round trips on their stairlift.

What If a Stairlift User has Limited Hand Dexterity?

Bruno stairlifts feature an armrest paddle control to glide a Bruno stairlift up and down the rail. This paddle switch allows people with no hand dexterity to operate the stairlift by simply moving the paddle rather than pushing a button. The paddle switch can be utilized to incorporate the power swivel option too. On a standard Bruno stairlift, a user would reach the top landing and pull a manual lever to rotate the seat up to 90 degrees and safely exit the chair. However, if the stairlift user has limited hand dexterity, the optional power swivel seat is recommended so the seat automatically turns and with the push of the armrest control paddle switch.

Can a Stairlift Rail Extend Away from the Steps?

Because Bruno indoor and outdoor curved stairlift rails are custom handcrafted, they can be built to a variety of configurations, including 90- and 180-degree “park positions” at the top or bottom landing. These optional configurations allow a user to park the lift far away from the stairs allowing more space for able people to use the stairs.

How Can a Stairlift Rail Obstruction be Avoided at the Bottom of Stairs?

When there is a doorway or the staircase runs into the center of the hallway at the bottom of the staircase that may cause a stairlift rail obstruction, add a manual or power folding rail. A folding rail retracts the lower rail section to stack upon itself and create a clear path. While a manual folding rail requires a patient to be off the stairlift and lean over to fold the rail, a power folding rail retracts at the push of the paddle control when the patient is operating the lift.

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