Scooter Lifts

You've got places to go! Bruno scooter lifts, wheelchair lifts and powerchair lifts make it simple to take a mobility device anywhere. Transport your scooter or wheelchair inside or outside your vehicle with your choice of a platform-style or hoist-style lift.

A pioneer in designing automotive mobility device lifts, Bruno continues to make it easy to keep you on the road. Discover the best scooter lift for your needs today!

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Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

Van Scooter Lifts

200-450 Lb Lift Capacities | Limited 3-Year Warranty

Use an expertly designed Bruno scooter lift to take your mobility device anywhere you go while maintaining your minivan's family-friendly features of seating and cargo versatility!

Learn more about the popular Joey® interior platform lift, and other Bruno scooter lifts designed specifically for vans.

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SUV Scooter Lifts

100-450 Lb Lift Capacities | Limited 3-Year Warranty

Get an American-made Bruno scooter lift or powerchair lift for your SUV or crossover, and benefit from the ability to re-install it in your next applicable vehicle. 

Choose from interior and exterior hoist- or platform-style scooter, powerchair and wheelchair lifts.  

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Pickup Truck Wheelchair Lifts

350-450 Lb Lift Capacities | Limited 3-Year Warranty

Choose the right tool for the job when you need a scooter lift or wheelchair lift for your pickup truck. A Bruno wheelchair lift for your truck offers rugged simplicity and durability. 

See more options for stowing your mobility device directly in the bed of your truck or behind your vehicle. 

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Car Wheelchair Lifts

100-350 Lb Lift Capacities | Limited 3-Year Warranty

Travel freely with a mobility device by using a Bruno wheelchair lift designed for cars. Whether you're transporting a folding wheelchair or heavy powerchair, Bruno has the lift you need.

Discover the right wheelchair or scooter lift for your sedan or hatchback today.

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Bruno Scooter Lift  | FAQ

How Much Does a Scooter Lift Cost?

Your local Bruno dealer can provide a free scooter lift quote on the best option to stow and transport your personal mobility device. Costs vary depending on the type of lift, installation and options you may need. Find a Bruno scooter lift dealer near you today!

Which Mobility Device Lift Is Best?

The best mobility device lift for you depends on your mobility device, vehicle and lifestyle. Tell your Bruno dealer whether you prefer an interior or exterior lift. They can explain which lift choices will work with your vehicle and mobility device combination. Last, explain your lifestyle needs. Together, you will be able to identify the right solution!

What is a Hoist-Style Scooter Lift?

A hoist-style scooter lift raises and stows a mobility device in your vehicle using a crane action. Except for installation in pickup truck beds, hoist lifts are installed in the vehicle’s interior. This protects your mobility device from weather elements. The tradeoff is the scooter or wheelchair will use cargo and seating space when stowed.

What is a Platform-Style Scooter Lift?

Platform-style scooter lifts are an easy drive on/drive off solution to travel with a mobility device. Bruno offers both interior and exterior models. An exterior platform-style scootert lift is a popular solution when you need to maintain seating and cargo space. An interior lift is a great choice if you prefer to secure your scooter or powerchair inside the vehicle.