Stair Lift Reviews

Stair Lift Reviews

Reading online stair lift reviews is an important part of determining which company will offer the best stair lift for your home and needs. 

Bruno is a family-owned-and-operated, third-generation company headquartered in Wisconsin that proudly crafts the most most-highly rated stair lifts in the U.S. and Canada. All Bruno stair lifts are designed to deliver superior performance and lasting comfort, complete with expert installation and support from our expert local dealers.

We invite everyone investigating a stair lift purchase to take a moment to see what Bruno stair lift owners are saying about their experiences!

Made In USA
Woman riding upstairs on a Bruno Elite Curved stairlift
Hal & Barbra M. | Stair Lift Review

"​It is quiet, simple to use, and feels so safe!"

"We are so happy to have this Bruno stairlift in our two-story home! Our staircase has several turns and the lift moves smoothly around each corner.

It is quiet, simple to use, and feels so safe! We are so happy to be able to sleep in our own bed upstairs again!"  

Woman riding upstairs on a Bruno Elite Curved stairlift
Craig S. | Stair Lift Review

"​The stairlift has been a saving grace"

"They came out the same day I called them to give me an estimate and were able to schedule the installation around my schedule.

My mother moved in with me and the stairlift has been a saving grace for her to get up and down the stairs. First rate service, product and company. I could not recommend them any higher. If you need a stair lift, these are the people to use."  

Woman riding upstairs on a Bruno Elite Curved stairlift
Ruth Ann | Stair Lift Review

"​It’s a 5 star product!"

"I had a Bruno stair lift installed recently for my father and he LOVES it! I no longer have to worry about him navigating the stairs and made life so much easier when I need to assist him with his care. [It has been] increasingly more difficult for him to climb the stairs by foot without a lot of pain and breathlessness and although he kept insisting he didn’t need to use it, he finally realized it was not only needed but critical for him to be able to continue living in his home.

It has a very narrow profile track that is simply installed on his stairs and takes very little space. It is unobtrusive and sleek. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing help with stairs because it truly is a life changing piece of equipment. Why suffer!? It’s a 5 star product!"  

Bruno Stair Lift | Reviews

Bruno is proud to have the most positive customer feedback of any North American stairlift brand. Online reviews can be an effective way to determine brand reliability, product quality, and stair lift costs. When researching stair lift reviews, Bruno recommends customers note the following:

  • Third-Party Collection. To ensure authenticity, online reviews should be collected through an impartial, third-party review site such as Trustpilot or Google.

  • Volume & Time Space. Total number of reviews is important to instill a high degree of confidence. Reviews should be gathered consistently over time. Beware of red flags such as brands with many reviews only over a short period.

  • Geographic Location. If the platform displays location, reviews should represent a wide variety of areas - not a single region.

Woman riding upstairs on a Bruno Elite Curved stairlift
Jane K. | Stair Lift Review

"​Design and installation was very well done"

"Our chair lift is a wonderful help for both my husband and myself to handle our stairway to our bedrooms upstairs.

We will probably be able to live our lives out in our own home which is very appealing to us! Design and installation was very well surprises when installed and it is working great!"  

Woman riding upstairs on a Bruno Elite Curved stairlift
Stephanie | Stair Lift Review

"I would highly recommend it to anyone."

"I am absolutely thrilled with the operation, appearance and quality of my new Bruno Stairlift. It is so comfortable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Most of all, it is making it possible for me to remain living comfortably in my two story home!"

Man sitting on a Bruno Elite stairlift
Darrell | Stair Lift Review

"We can now stay in our home without worry."

"A Bruno stairlift has solidified our conviction to stay in our home long-term because it removes any worry about moving due to the staircase.

I use the stairlift multiple times a day, and it’s nice to have the ease and sense of security."

Customer On Stairs
Patricia | Stair Lift Review

"I don’t have to worry about steps & we’re able to stay in our home."

“The Bruno stairlift is a Godsend. I had trouble getting up the stairs. My husband had to help pull me up the top steps.

We were going to have to move if we didn’t figure out a solution, but I didn’t want to move. We’ve lived in this house for over forty years. We raised our kids here, our memories are here, and we’re close to things like our church and bank.

I just love the stairlift because now I don’t have to worry about steps and we’re able to stay in our home.”

Customer On Stairs
Anastasia | Stair Lift Review

"We highly recommend Bruno."

“Professional job from start to finish. After an initial survey, followed by detailed precise measurements for a custom curved stair lift, it was a perfect fit.

One flight of stairs...90-degree turn at top and a 180-degree turn at bottom. Installation done in one day. Thanks for a great product.”