Best Scooter Lifts (2024)

Best Scooter Lifts (2024)

Purchasing the best scooter lift to fit your vehicle and mobility device is an important decision. Read our list to discover which scooter lifts we recommend for common applications. If you would like to receive a free quote or have additional questions answered, please call or contact a local Bruno dealer serving your area today!

Determining the best scooter lift for your needs depends on several factors, such as: 

  • The year, make and model of your vehicle

  • ​The style, size and weight of the mobility device needing transportation

  • The needs and abilities of the user and/or caretaker(s)


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Best Scooter Lifts | Hitch-Mounted Lift (Vans, SUVs & Trucks)

Recommended Model: Out-Sider® Scooter Lift (ASL-275)

The Out-Sider is Bruno’s most popular exterior platform lift for scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs. Featuring a 350-lb (159 kg) lift capacity, the Out-Sider attaches to a vehicle's hitch - preserving all available interior seating and cargo space. With it's low profile, the Out-Sider does not obstruct a driver's rear view. 

With many available platform configurations and device securment options, the Out-Sider delivers optimal flexibility if the user's mobility device needs change in the future. The Out-Sider can also be transferred to another applicable vehicle for continued use.

Add the popular “Swing-Away” option to easily rotate the Out-Sider away your van, SUV or truck to access the cargo area. Additional options like platform securement belts, mobility device covers or a third brake light are also available. 

Best Scooter Lifts | Hoist-Style Scooter Lift

Recommended Model: Curb-Sider® Scooter Lift (VSL-6900)

Bruno’s Curb-Sider delivers multiple advantages for people who want a hoist-style scooter lift for inside a van, SUV or truck bed. The Curb-Sider uses vehicle-specific bases which allow for maximum seating and storage in the vehicle. Partial third-row seating or cargo space is usually available when a mobility device is not present. 

The Curb-Sider works with a wide range of scooters and powerchairs, and is available in three lifting capacities: 250 lb, 400 lb and 450 lb (114 kg, 181 kg and 203 kg). The Curb-Sider can also be reinstalled into another applicable vehicle in the future or adjusted to accommodate most new mobility devices.

Ease of operation adds to the Bruno Curb-Sider's appeal: simply stand near the curb or rear bumper, connect the docking device to a scooter and the Curb-Sider will power-lift, rotate and stow the mobility device.

Best Scooter Lifts | Interior Platform-Style Scooter Lift

Recommended Model: Joey™ Scooter Lift (VSL-4400)

The Bruno Joey effortlessly transports personal mobility devices up to 350 lbs (159 kg) inside minivans, select SUVs and some full-size vans while keeping them dry in any weather.

Simply drive a scooter or powerchair onto the platform, press a button and the Joey retracts the mobility device into the cargo area.

If the vehicle makes a sudden stop, the Joey’s “safety barrier" keeps the scooter from entering the passenger area.

Small details such as platform illumination and a backlit hand control make operating the Joey easy during any hour of the day. Second-row seating is often maintained with a Bruno Joey scooter lift.

Best Scooter Lifts | Hitch-Mounted Lift (Cars)

Recommended Model: Chariot® Scooter Lift (Model: ASL-700)

With its unique “platform on wheels” hitched-mounted design, Bruno’s patented Chariot scooter lift allows a sedan, SUV or van to transport mobility devices weighing up to 350 lbs (159 kg). 

To operate, simply drive a scooter onto the Chariot’s platform, press a button to raise the lift and place the self-tensioning retractable belts to secure the mobility device. The Chariot’s independent suspension carries the weight of the scooter, not the vehicle.

Thanks to 360° swiveling wheels, the Chariot is impossible to jack-knife and always stays precisely behind your vehicle. Standard safety features include a power-button safety latch that ensures the platform cannot lower unintentionally, as well as a full lighting package (illuminated license plate holder, brake/running lights and turn signals).

Best Scooter Lifts | Wheelchair Lift for Trucks

Recommended Model: Out-Rider® Wheelchair Lift (PUL-1100)

Engineered specifically to transport a wheelchair in a pickup truck bed, Bruno’s easy-to-operate, safe and reliable Out-Rider is the best wheelchair lift for pickup trucks.

Clip a docking device to the wheelchair, press a hand-held control button and the Out-Rider will quickly raise, rotate and lower a wheelchair into the truck bed. Its rugged reliability makes the Bruno Out-rider a favorite in any weather.

The Out-Rider is available in 100 lb, 200 lb and 350 lb versions (45kg, 90 kg and 159 kg) and available for multiple pickup box sizes. All Out-Rider wheelchair lifts meet or exceed applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and can be easily removed and transferred to another pickup truck in the future.