Bruno XL home elevator in a kitchen between two walls

Best Home Elevators

Investing in a home elevator is a convenient way to make your life easier today and ensure future accessibility for you and loved ones.

People searching for the best home elevators should consider variables such as available space, individual needs and personal preferences before making a decision.

In the article below, we’ll dig into what makes Bruno Connect home elevators great for different applications by offering best-in-class design construction, installation flexibility and robust safety features.

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Best Home Elevators | Installation Considerations

  • Location. Place a Bruno Connect home elevator in nearly any part of your home. Since they glide on a rail system, they do not attach to a wall. However, most Bruno Connect home elevators are installed close to a wall to optimize room space.

  • Footprint. All three models of Bruno Connect home elevators are highly space efficient. For example, the most popular Bruno home elevator, the Connect Classic, features a cabin size of 33.5” x 29.5”.

  • Site Preparation. On average, site prep takes one or two days. Your Bruno dealer will arrange for the site prep, and it will be included in the quote. Once the site is ready, it generally takes another two days for elevator installation. In less than a week, you will be enjoying your new Bruno Connect home elevator!

Best Home Elevators | Best Overall Value

Bruno Connect home elevator in a bedroom

Recommended Model: Connect Classic Home Elevator

Offering the best home elevator for overall value is Bruno’s Connect Classic. The Connect Classic can lift two riders, up to 500 pounds. With a cabin size of 33.5” x 29.5”, the cabin gives ample area for two riders while optimizing open space in the surrounding room. 

The Bruno Connect Classic features an elegant, contemporary design and quiet, effortless ride that adds value and a sense of ease to your life. Installed with minimal disruption, you can count on a Bruno Connect Classic for reliable service. It’s three-sided transparent cab panels give you a clear view during your ride and you may operate the elevator by either the in-cab control buttons or a wireless remote.

A hand rail with integrated operation controls and a fold-down seat are options that can be added to a Bruno Connect Classic for an added layer of comfort and security. 

Best Home Elevators | Best All-Inclusive

Bruno Connect XL home elevator near a kitchen

Recommended Model: Connect XL Home Elevator

The Bruno Connect XL offers the largest cabin space of Bruno’s home elevator models. The 33.5” x 49.25 footprint is comfortable for two riders yet slim enough to still leave plenty of open space in a room. Included with a Bruno Connect XL is a handrail with integrated operational control buttons.   This allows a rider to hold the handrail pushing the elevator directional buttons.

With its stylish, three-sided transparent panels, the Connect XL gives a clear view while traveling from one level to another.  LED cabin lighting, wireless remote control and a warm and a soft start/stop are all standard with options such as a built-in seat or extra handrail optional. The Bruno XL is the best home elevator when you need a spacious interior cab size and luxury standard features.

Best Home Elevators | Best for Small Spaces

Bruno Connect home elevator at bottom of an open stairway

Recommended Model: Connect Compact Home Elevator

When you have limited space, the Bruno Connect Compact is the best home elevator choice.

The slim, 21.25” x 29.5” cabin size is suitable for one rider. While it’s the smallest Bruno Connect home elevator model, it features the same safe, stylish, solid design of all Bruno elevator models.

If you have a petite rider or limited space, the Bruno Connect Compact is the best home elevator choice!

Best Home Elevators | Safety Features

Bruno Connect home elevator in a bedroom with the cab door open
  • Power Outage Backup. Bruno Connect home elevators are powered by a regular household 110v outlet. A battery backup gives you peace of mind to know the lift will lower if there is a power outage.

  • Access Restriction. If you would like to have a lock-out feature enabled on a Bruno Connect elevator, talk to your Bruno dealer about programming this standard function.

  • Code Compliance. To ensure the highest safety standards, all Bruno Connect home elevators conform to related safety codes for elevators.