Curb-Sider® Scooter Lift

450 lb Lift Capacity | 3-Year Limited Warranty

Make it easy with Bruno's hoist lift, the Curb-Sider.  Offering multiple lift capacities and versions, the Curb-Sider can deliver the best match for your power wheelchair or scooter and vehicle. When installed inside a vehicle, the Curb-Sider's compact design allows third-row seating to be maintained when a mobility device isn't present. Stand by the bumper, connect a docking device, push a button and the Curb-Sider lifts and stows your mobility device.

Curb-Sider Brochure

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Curb-Sider Scooter Lift | Video

Top-Selling Hoist-Style Lift

Powerful. Dependable. Easy-to-Use.

Curb-Sider Scooter Lift | Highlights

Bruno Curb-Sider in the back of a van
Bruno Curb-Sider folded down in a cargo area
Bruno Curb-Sider installed in the back of an SUV

User Friendly

Power lift, lower and rotate your mobility device at the push of a button.

Compact Design

Partial third-row seating or cargo space maintained when mobility device not present (optional quick release pins needed for fold-down lift head).

Optimized Performance

Vehicle-specific bases for precise installation. Telescoping head model provides additional extension to load wide mobility devices in smaller openings.

Maximum Flexibility

Works with variety of vehicles and mobility devices. Reinstall in another applicable vehicle.

Curb-Sider Scooter Lift | Options

Woman using the Bruno Back-Off device

Back-Off Device

Easily remove the back of a personal mobility device to fit in small vehicle openings.

Bruno hand control pendant

Exterior Control

Optional for light-duty or standard models, included on heavy-duty.

Woman using the Bruno Curb-Sider's Quick-Release Pin

Quick-Release Pin

Add an optional quick-release pin to quickly and easily fold down the lift head.

Woman operating Bruno Curb-Sider from cargo area

Driver Side Position

Selected the optional driver side position (passenger-side placement standard).

Curb-Sider Scooter Lift | FAQ

What Makes Bruno’s Curb-Sider Popular?

The Curb-Sider is Bruno’s top-selling hoist style lift. Because it offers multiple lift capacities and versions, it’s a great match to transport your scooter or powerchair in a SUV, CUV or van. Its compact design allows you to keep third-row seating when the mobility device is not present in most vehicles. The Curb-Sider is also a popular solution to install in the bed of a pickup truck.

Which Mobility Devices Pair with a Curb-Sider?

Multiple Curb-Sider models can accommodate scooters and powerchairs weighing between 250 lb- 450 lbs. In addition, Bruno Curb-Siders feature a custom docking device, designed to best connect and lift your mobility device.

What Vehicles Work with Bruno’s Curb-Sider?

If your mobility device weighs up to 400 lbs, a Curb-Sider will fit most trucks, vans, SUVs or CUVs. The heavy-duty Curb-Sider, with a 450 lb capacity, is available for select trucks and full-size vans. Check with a Bruno dealer to verify that your vehicle and mobility device combination will work with a Curb-Sider.

Are There Options Should I Consider?

Many people purchase optional “quick release pins” to allow the Curb-Sider head to fold down and make the lift more compact. The interior hand-held lift control is standard, but some people also choose to add an optional exterior control pendent – especially when used on a pickup truck.

How Much Does A Curb-Sider Cost?

Curb-Sider prices vary depending on the best model for your vehicle and mobility device, options you may need or choose and installation. Contact your local Bruno dealer for a free quote. Bruno dealers are factory-trained to provide precise installation and service of your Curb-Sider.