Chariot® Scooter Lift

350 lb Lift Capacity | 3-Year Limited Warranty

Enjoy maximum flexibility with Bruno's Chariot. Transport mobility devices behind almost any vehicle using Bruno’s exterior scooter/powerchair lift, the Chariot. The Chariot's independent suspension carries the load's weight and 360-degree spinning wheels make it easy for anyone to maneuver. 

Chariot Brochure

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Chariot Scooter Lift | Video

A Lift on Wheels

Maneuverable. Easy to Use.

Chariot Scooter Lift | Highlights

Woman using a Bruno Chariot scooter lift
Customer driving mobility device on to Bruno Chariot platform
Bruno Chariot in parked position in garage

Simple Operation

Drive mobility device on platform and press a button to raise or lower lift. Secure PMD with self-tensioning, one-handed operation retractable belts.

Safety-First Design

Integrated safety latch prevents unintentional platform lowering. Light package maintains visibility with brake/running lights, turn signals and illuminated license plate holder.

Easy Maneuverability

Drive forward, reverse, turn or parallel park -- the Chariot will precisely in line with your vehicle. Just drive normal!

Maximum Versatility

Access rear cargo area by slightly lowering lift. Adjustable platform fits most mobility devices. Reinstall on another applicable vehicle in the future.

Chariot Scooter Lift | Options

Bruno Chariot with optional Corner Markers

Corner Markers

Select optional corner markers to add a visual guide for easy backing up.

Picture of a Bruno Joey spare tire next to a car

Spare Tire

Opt for the Bruno Chariot spare tire for extra peace of mind during travel.

Vinyl cover on Bruno scooter lift

Vinyl Cover

Add an all-weather vinyl cover to protect your mobility device from the elements.

Chariot Scooter Lift | FAQ

Why Do People Like the Bruno Chariot?

Bruno’s Chariot is a “lift on wheels” and works with nearly any vehicle and mobility device combination. The easy drive on/off platform folds when not in use, and the Chariot’s independent suspension carries the load’s weight.

What Vehicles Best Work with a Chariot?

The Chariot can be installed on most vehicles, including SUVs, vans and even sedans. Your Bruno dealer will ensure the Bruno Chariot is compatible with your mobility device and vehicle’s tongue-weight rating – which determines towing capacity. The Chariot can often be transferred to your next vehicle, too!

What Mobility Devices Work with a Chariot?

If your scooter or power wheelchair weighs less than 350 lbs, it can usually be transported well with a Bruno Chariot. The adjustable platform fits most scooters and powerchairs, and no mobility device modifications are needed.

Is a Chariot Easy to Maneuver?

The Bruno Chariot’s wheels spin 360 degrees (like a grocery cart) – it’s impossible to jack knife! The Chariot is easy to maneuver because the swivel wheels keeps it precisely in line with your vehicle.

How Secure is My Mobility Device on a Chariot?

Bruno’s Chariot meets or exceeds applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. In addition to the mobility device retractable securement belts, the Chariot also includes other standard safety features: running/brake lights and turn signals, lighted license plat holder and optional corner markers.

How Much Does a Chariot Cost?

Contact your local factory-trained Bruno dealer to give you a free quote for the cost of an installed Bruno Chariot. Prices vary depending on factors such as options needed or required to accommodate your vehicle or mobility device and installation.